Bella Ciao Virtual Piano Letters

Bella Ciao Virtual Piano Letters

Bella Ciao Virtual Piano Letters

Hi, I am going to tell you today the notes you need to play in the “Virtual-Piano” site of Bella Ciao music. Actually, I am not good a piano player. But I like this song. That’s why I found orijinal piano music on Youtube. After I believed that my ears. Thus I have worked for 20 minutes and I found good letters. You will see scroll down. But this letters are not professional.  I just did basic letters. If you found their professional please send me comment. Thus, I can share professional notes.

eyuiy eyuiy eyuiuy iuy ppp o p PP po Pp ou pu iy

Actually, this letters can be mistakes. Because I’m not a professional. My English is not enought, i think.

If you wanna go to sites CLİCK HERE 



  1. Hocam bunun daha iyi bir versiyonunu buldun mu

    1. Maalesef dostum. Bunu da youtube’daki bir videoyu izleyerek deneme yanılmayla buldum zaten.

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